Where can I download BizBattleRoyale?

You can download in the following places:
iOS: IOS App Store
Android: Google Play Store

How can i play

You can either play a single player game against virtual competitors or multiplayer against 2 or 4 components.

I have startet a multiplayer game, but nothing happens?

The game starts as soon as the necessary number of players is reached. This can take a few minutes.

How much does it costs to play BizBattleRoyale?

The game is completely free. You will receive credit points on registration, as well as in multiplayer games, depending on the result achieved. Creditpoints allow you to buy investment cards at the Cards Store.

I’m having a technical game issue, what should I do?

Please contact us under support@bizbattleroyale.com

Will BizBattle Royale be pay-to-win?

No. We will not sell items that give a competitive advantage. Card packs are randomly assembled upon purchase. Each player has the same chances for good cards. Even without playing investment cards you are able to play and to win (although it will be harder to win).

Can i change the avatar?

Yes, you can change it in the options menu.

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